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Introduction to .NET

U2U Custom Course (2 days) 

Target Audience

This course is intended for developers and their managers who want to learn more on the Microsoft .NET Framework. The goal of the course is to provide an overview of all the major .NET building blocks in 2 days preparing the participants for the follow-up .NET development courses.



Course Material

Students will get a handbook covering the material of the 7 modules.

What you will learn

Module 1: Positioning Microsoft .NET

Developers have known a number of programming models in the past years. This module provides an overview of these and addresses the various problems developers encounter today with COM-based technologies. The module ends with a discussion on how Microsoft .NET provides solutions to all these problems.

Module 2: The building blocks of Microsoft .NET

In this module, participants will learn about the different building blocks of Microsoft .NET: the Common Language Runtime, the .NET Framework Classes, the Common Language Specification and the various .NET languages. A number of important .NET concepts are explained.

Module 3: Assemblies

Your .NET code is packaged into assemblies. In this module you will learn about the internals of an assembly (the manifest, the IL code and the modules). Participants will learn the different compilation options for translating the .NET code in Intermediate Language.

Module 4: The Execution Engine

.NET code is not compiled directly into native code. Instead IL code is generated. In this module, participants will learn how this IL code is then just-in-time compiled in native code and then executed. Furthermore, more details will be provided on the way the various Common Language Runtime services are used to execute the code (the Class Loader, Garbage Collection, Security, ...).

Module 5: The .NET Languages

There are a number of languages that you can use after installing the .NET Framework. The two popular ones are C# and VB.NET. This module introduces these two languages to the participants and provides an overview of the differences between them. Participants will also get introduced to the Common Language Specification and the Common Type System.

Module 6: The Framework Classes

The .NET framework exposes hundreds of classes. All these classes are nicely grouped into namespaces and physically represented by DLL's. This module will provide you an insight in all of these classes and the different namespaces that are made available.

Module 7: Building .NET Applications

To finalize this course, participants will get an overview of the various types of applications that can be build using the .NET framework: Windows applications, Web applications, Web Services, class libraries and Windows Services.

Upcoming sessions at U2U in Brussels, Belgium:

To organize this course on-site, please contact info@u2u.be.

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