Securing your web application and services with Windows Identity Foundation

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Securing your web application and services with Windows Identity Foundation

Learning Goals

This 2-day workshop covers everything you as a developer should know about Windows Identity Foundation. The course teaches the skills required to develop secure web applications and services both on premise as in the cloud by using Windows Identity Foundation. The course will include hands-on labs that comprise approximately 50% of the classroom time.

Target audience

The target audience for this training course is professional Microsoft developers.


The course content requires the participants to have a good knowlegde on building applications with ASP.NET or WCF.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introducing WIF

  • What is claims based authentication?
  • Why using claims based identities?
  • The Identity Metasystem: STS, IP and relying parties
  • Windows Identity Foundation

Module 2: Scenarios & Patterns

  • Roles of a Security Token Service
  • Different types of Security Token Services: IP-STS, R-STS,...
  • Handling multiple credential types
  • The STS programming model in WIF
  • Active & Passive clients

Module 3: ASP.NET Pipeline & WIF

  • How to use WIF in ASP.NET
  • The WIF ASP.NET pipeline
  • Authorization with WIF

Module 4: WIF & WCF

  • A primer on WS-Trust, WS-Security
  • Securing WCF services with WIF
    • Injecting in the pipeline
    • Differences with the WCF model
  • TrustChannel
  • Handling delegation with ActAs
  • Explicitly obtain a token from an STS

Module 5: Using WIF on Windows Azure

  • Introducing the Windows Azure Platform
  • Designing for the Azure platform
  • Configuring cloud endpoints
  • Fixing tracing issues

Module 6: Using the Azure Access Control Service

  • Using ACS in WS-Trust and OAuth (REST) scenarios
  • Configuring claims mapping in ACS
  • Integrating with Live Id, gmail, Yahoo and Facebook
  • Working with Actions, Triggers, and Behaviors
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