Connecting Apple iPad apps to the Microsoft Servers and Cloud platform

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Learning Goals

In this workshop you will learn about the different integration patterns that exist between iOS applications and .NET based server-side applications like SharePoint 2010, SQL Server and WCF Web Services.

Target Audience

This workshop is intended for programmers who want to build iOS applications that integrate into an existing .NET based server-side infrastructure.


Participants of this course must have a basic knowledge of iOS and .NET development.

Course Outline:

Build iOS accessible WCF Services

This module covers how to build WCF Services that can be accessed from iOS applications.

Building SOAP, JSON, OData based WCF Services that are compatible with iOS devices.
Accessing your WCF Services from iOS.
What about Security, Transactions, Reliable Messaging?
Using the new ASP.NET Web API to quickly build quality REST and ODATA services.

Connecting iOS applications to WCF Services

In this module you will learn how to build iOS applications that consume WCF Services.

Creating and sending SOAP messages in iOS.
Accessing REST and JSON Services.
Parsing JSON in iOS.
Dealing with errors when accessing Services.

Integration with Windows Azure

Using Windows Azure SDK for iOS to connect to Azure services.
The Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS is a toolkit for developers to make it easy to access Windows Azure storage services from native iOS applications. The toolkit can be used for both iPhone and iPad applications, developed using Objective-C and XCode.

SQL Server and SQL Server Azure integration

Since iOS applications cannot natively access SQL Server what other possibilities does one have to access data from SQL Server databases?
What are the limitations?
How can you work with transactions?
What about security?

Connecting to the SharePoint 2010 business platform

SharePoint 2010 has rapidly become the de factor business platform for many companies. Features as document management, content management and business intelligence are increasingly popular. In this module you will learn how to configure the SharePoint environment for optimal usability on iPhone and iPad devices. Learn how to configure desktop and mobile view

Introducing SharePoint 2010
Exploring out of the box connections from iPad to SharePoint
Comparing SharePoint desktop and mobile view
Limitations of Safari mobile
SharePoint 2010 Web Services Integration

Building iOS apps connecting to SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 comes with built-in SOAP and REST web services through which its functionality and data can be accessed. These services are the foundation of most of the SharePoint client applications. You’ll learn which web services are available in SharePoint and how you can access them from an iOS device.

The different SharePoint Web Services and their usage
Remotely manipulating the SharePoint environment
Accessing SharePoint data in Lists and Document Libraries from an iOS device
Working with the OData REST API of SharePoint
How to handle the SharePoint security model?
Extending SharePoint with custom web services

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