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Dreaming of the CV that opens all doors? Let your dream come true and become a Microsoft certified professional. At U2U we offer courses preparing for MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) and MCSE (Solutions Expert) and MCSD (Solutions Developer).

When you pass a Microsoft Certification exam, you become a member of the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) community with access to all of the benefits provided through the Microsoft Certification Program. You can use your Microsoft account to access the MCP member sites, where you’ll find lots of ways to keep your skills relevant, applicable, and competitive.

Visual Studio certifications

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a recommended entry point into IT certification and job preparation. Pass just one exam and you’ll earn a certification, taking your first step toward a career in technology. If you are just starting your IT career path or are looking to enhance your understanding of IT fundamentals, MTA will validate your core knowledge. MTA is an optional industry-recognized certification for those pursuing a career path in IT infrastructure, database design, or software development using Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Prove your ability to build innovative solutions across multiple technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud.

MCSD: Windows Store Apps

     Option C#
  • Follow course UCSPR "Object Oriented Programming in C#"
  • Take exam 483
  • Follow course UWRTX "Building Windows 8 Store apps in XAML"
  • Take exam 484
  • Take exam 485
    Option HTML5
  • Follow course UHTML5 "Programming with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery"
  • Take exam 480
  • Follow course UWRTH "Building Windows 8 Store apps in HTML"
  • Take exam 481
  • Take exam 482

MCSD: Web Applications

  • Follow course UHTML5 "Programming with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery"
  • Take exam 480
  • Follow course UNASPA "Advanced Programming in ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and HTML5"
  • Take exam 486
  • Optional: Follow course UWCF "Programming with Windows Communication Foundation"
  • Follow course UAZURED "Building Cloud based Applications for Windows Azure"
  • Take exam 487

MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management

  • Follow course UTFSCR "Application Lifecycle Management with Team Foundation Server and SCRUM"
  • Take exam 496 and 497 and 498

SQL Server certifications

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for SQL Server 2012

MCSA: SQL Server 2012

Display your skills and breakthrough insights in developing and maintaining the next wave of mission critical environments by achieving the MCSA: SQL Server 2012 certification.

Course USQLT "Querying SQL Server with Transact-SQL" prepares for exam 461

Course USQLA "Administering Databases and Servers using SQL Server 2012" prepares for exam 462

Course USQLIS12 "Implementing Data Warehouses with Integration Services 2012" prepares for exam 463


When you earn the MCSA: SQL Server 2012 certification, you have two options to become MCSE for SQL Server.

MCSE: Data Platform

Earning an MCSE: Data Platform certification will qualify you for such jobs as database analyst and database designer.

  • Follow the course USQLD Developing and optimizing Databases using SQL Server 2012
  • Take exam 464 and exam 465


MCSE: Business Intelligence

Earning an MCSE: Business Intelligence certification will qualify you for a position as a BI and reporting engineer..

  • Follow the course USQLRS Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services
  • Take exam 466 and exam 476



SharePoint certifications

MCSD: SharePoint Applications

Demonstrate your expertise at designing and developing collaboration applications with Microsoft SharePoint. To achieve this certification you must have a solid foundation of web programming skills using HTML5 with JavaScript and ASP.NET MVC 4.

  • Follow the course UHTML5Programming with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Take exam 70-480
  • Follow the course UNASPAAdvanced Programming in ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and HTML5
  • Take exam 70-486
  • Follow the course USP13D Microsoft SharePoint 2013 for Developers - Part 1: Essentials
  • Take exam 70-488
  • Follow the course USP13M Microsoft SharePoint 2013 for Developers - Part 2: Advanced
  • Take exam 70-489

MCSE: SharePoint

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification is the globally recognized standard for IT professionals. Earning an MCSE: SharePoint certification will qualify you for a job as systems or network analyst.

  • Follow the course USP13A Administering Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Take exam 331
  • Take exam 332

Windows Server certifications

The MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification is the foundation for your professional career, proving you know how to reduce IT costs and deliver more business value. Become MCSA and show that you have the primary set of Windows Server skills that are relevant across multiple solution areas in a business environment.

MCSA: Windows Server 2012

  • Follow course UWS12A "Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012"
  • Take exam 410
  • Follow course UWS12B "Administering Windows Server 2012"
  • Take exam 411
  • Follow course UWS12C "Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services"
  • Take exam 412
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